Tribal Supply Program

Synergy Direct Tribal Supply Program

With 10 years of Tribal IT experience, Synergy Information Solutions has licensed with tribes throughout the United States. Feedback from tribes we’re licensed with has highlighted a need for a trusted, licensed vendor to purchase day-to-day IT goods. Focusing on that need has led us to build Synergy Direct, a quickly searchable technology superstore with thousands of products that will allow you to purchase products any time of the day.


What’s the first step?

If you’d like to use Synergy and we are not currently licensed with your gaming commission, we will complete the vendor licensing process.

Are there any other requirements?

In order to keep your costs low, we do ask for a yearly purchase commitment to offset the vendor licensing fees. We will send over a contract to establish basic terms for purchasing, as well as outline the purchase commitment required. The commitment amount is a sliding scale, based on the cost of the licensing fees.

What if we don’t meet the yearly commitment?

If for any reason, the yearly spend on Synergy Direct does not meet the minimum outlined in our contract, Synergy will issue an invoice for the amount of license fees that have not yet been offset.

Is there any way to not have a purchase commitment to fulfill?

Absolutely. Any major projects or contract work done with Synergy Information Solutions requiring licensing will negate the spend commitment requirement.

Who do I contact to get started?

Please contact Sabrina Stinnett for more details or to get started.


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