Miscellaneous Devices


  • Aleratec mSATA SSD Adapter

  • Manufacturer: Aleratec, Inc
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 350118
  • Manufacturer Website Address: http://www.aleratec.com
  • Brand Name: Aleratec
  • Product Name: mSATA SSD Adapter
  • Packaged Quantity: 2
  • Product Type: mSATA SSD Adapter
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  • APC AP9810 Dry Contact I/O Interface

  • Manufacturer: American Power Conversion Corp
  • Manufacturer Part Number: AP9810
  • Manufacturer Website Address: http://www.apc.com
  • Brand Name: APC
  • Product Model: AP9810
  • Product Name: AP9810 Dry Contact I/O Interface
  • Product Type: Dry Contact I/O Interface

  • Marketing Information

    Remote monitoring and control of an individual UPS by connecting it directly to the network.

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  • ATLAS 550 BDL W/PRI & 24 RJ PRT

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  • AVer AVerVision Document Camera Microscope Adapter

  • Manufacturer: AVer Information Inc
  • Manufacturer Part Number: VISIOCPMA
  • Manufacturer Website Address: http://www.averusa.com
  • Brand Name: AVer
  • Product Line: AVerVision
  • Product Model: VISIOCPMA
  • Product Name: AVerVision Document Camera Microscope Adapter
  • Packaged Quantity: 1
  • Product Type: Document Camera Microscope Adapter
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  • Axis P8221 Network I/O Audio Module

  • Manufacturer: Axis Communications
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 0321-004
  • Manufacturer Website Address: http://www.axis.com
  • Brand Name: Axis
  • Product Model: AXIS P8221
  • Product Name: P8221 Network I/O Audio Module
  • Product Type: Network I/O Audio Module

  • Marketing Information

    AXIS P8221 Network I/O Audio Module provides eight configurable input/output (I/O) ports and audio capabilities to a network video system that either does not have such support or require additional support. AXIS P8221 complements Axis network video products and integrates easily into existing network video installations using VAPIX.

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  • Garmin 010-10644-00 Speed/Cadence Bike Sensor

  • Manufacturer: Garmin, Ltd
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 010-10644-00
  • Manufacturer Website Address: http://www.garmin.com
  • Brand Name: Garmin
  • Product Model: 010-10644-00
  • Product Name: 010-10644-00 Speed/Cadence Bike Sensor
  • Product Type: Speed/Cadence Bike Sensor
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  • Greenlee SurePunch Pro PA3589 Punchdown Tool Handle

  • Manufacturer: Greenlee Textron, Inc
  • Manufacturer Part Number: PA3589
  • Manufacturer Website Address: http://www.greenlee.textron.com
  • Brand Name: Greenlee
  • Product Line: SurePunch
  • Product Model: PA3589
  • Product Name: SurePunch Pro PA3589 Punchdown Tool Handle
  • Product Type: Punchdown Tool Handle
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  • IBM ServeRAID M1000 Series Advance Feature Key

  • Manufacturer: IBM Corporation
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 46M0832
  • Manufacturer Website Address: http://www.ibm.com
  • Brand Name: IBM
  • Product Line: ServeRAID
  • Product Series: M1000
  • Product Name: ServeRAID M1000 Series Advance Feature Key
  • Product Type: RAID Controller Upgrade Key

  • Marketing Information

    ServeRAID M1000 Series Advance Feature Key offers a cost-effective RAID 5 and SED upgrade for enterprise-class RAID solutions and integrates emerging SAS technology into an organization's storage infrastructure.

    It is ideal for supporting server mission-critical applications where high levels of sustained read and write operations are required, such as video streaming, Web content, video-on-demand, security and surveillance, fixed content, and reference data storage. The M1000 Series Advance Feature Key adds RAID 5, 50 with SED support to your enterprise storage architecture.

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  • Panasonic FMA-PA101 Free-To-Guest Management Appliance

  • Manufacturer: Panasonic
  • Manufacturer Part Number: FMAPA101
  • Manufacturer Website Address: http://www.panasonic.com
  • Brand Name: Panasonic
  • Product Model: FMA-PA101
  • Product Name: FMA-PA101 Free-To-Guest Management Appliance
  • Product Type: Free-To-Guest Management Appliance

  • Marketing Information

    Fast & Easy FTG Channel Management
    With the FMA-PA101, updated channel information is distributed directly from the headend to the guest room TVs - eliminating the time and hassle of in-room confguration.

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  • Peerless-AV FPE55F-S Flat Panel Display Enclosure

  • Manufacturer: Peerless Industries, Inc
  • Manufacturer Part Number: FPE55F-S
  • Manufacturer Website Address: http://www.peerlessindustries.com
  • Brand Name: Peerless-AV
  • Product Model: FPE55F-S
  • Product Name: FPE55F-S Flat Panel Display Enclosure
  • Product Type: Flat Panel Display Enclosure

  • Marketing Information

    Peerless' display enclosures allow for worry-free digital signage in any place that is needed. Protection from the outdoor elements, pollution, theft and vandalism is inherently built into the steel and corrosion resistant enclosure, along with tubular keyed compression locks for added security. Waterproof and sealed with a rubber gasket to withstand the elements in any climate, and are available with a heated or fan-cooled option. Thermostat controlled fans & heat ensuring the display will continue to function in most outdoor conditions.

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  • Power Acoustik BASS-12C Bass Maximizer

  • Manufacturer: Power Acoustik Electronics
  • Manufacturer Part Number: BASS-12C
  • Manufacturer Website Address: http://www.poweracoustik.com
  • Brand Name: Power Acoustik
  • Product Model: BASS-12C
  • Product Name: BASS-12C Bass Maximizer
  • Product Type: Bass Maximizer

  • Marketing Information
    Variable Frequency Boost Control

    The sweep control allows you to dial-in on a target frequency to boost, from 27-63Hz. The width control can be adjusted to increase the range of frequencies.

    Variable Subsonic Crossover

    Filter out the frequencies your subwoofers can't play via a 35-80Hz variable 12dB subsonic crossover. The crossover adjustment is conveniently located on the remote gain control.

    Remote Gain Control

    The remote gain control can adjust the output level and subsonic crossover from a more convenient location in the vehicle. The module includes an LED indicating the level setting.
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  • Supermicro Power Supply Board

  • Manufacturer: Supermicro Computer, Inc
  • Manufacturer Part Number: CSE-PTJBOD-CB1
  • Manufacturer Website Address: http://www.supermicro.com
  • Brand Name: Supermicro
  • Product Name: Power Supply Board
  • Product Type: Power Supply Board
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  • Wacom Stroke Nibs 5 Pack

  • Manufacturer: Wacom Technology Co
  • Manufacturer Part Number: ACK20002
  • Manufacturer Website Address: http://www.wacom.com
  • Brand Name: Wacom
  • Product Name: Stroke Nibs 5 Pack
  • Packaged Quantity: 5
  • Product Type: Interactive Pen Nib

  • Marketing Information

    This is a 5-pack of replacement stroke (gray) pen nibs with dual-springs for a "brush-like" feel.

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